The BioWhale is a vacuum system that collects, processes and stores food waste at customers’ locations. The food waste is deposited into the system via a hopper, where it is shredded, ground up and mixed into a ‘soup’ that is stored under vacuum for up to three weeks. The ‘soup’ is then removed by a vacuum tanker and delivered to an anaerobic digestion plant where it is converted into renewable energy in the form of biogas and organic fertiliser.

Available in three sizes, compact – 4,000 litres, standard – 12,000 litres and large – 24,000 litres, BioWhale offers odour and maintenance free operation. When combined with the OWL logistics and management system, it provides an easy ‘just push the button’ option for chefs and catering managers, requiring no up-front investment and providing a full food waste service from the point the food waste is created through to 100% recycling into green energy and organic fertiliser. BioWhale will be proudly manufactured at our Ravenshaw site in the UK. In addition to manufacturing and supplying the BioWhale system, we are providing all aftermarket including two services per unit per year.