Given the capital cost premium and question marks about relative fuel economy and maintenance costs of Euro 6 vehicles as compared to their Euro 5 counterparts, some operators have opted to specify Euro 5 ahead of the cut off. Time is running out and whilst there is a derogation, the window for ordering Euro 5 is closing fast. 

Any chassis built (at the truck plant) and issued with a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) by at the latest 30th September 2013 may be logged on a “Derogation List” with the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA). Vehicles on this list are permitted an extra 12 months before being first registered in the UK.

Any Euro 5 chassis built and/or issued with a CoC between 1st October and 30th December 2013 must be registered before the end of December 2013 as the derogation does not apply to these vehicles.

In reality, operators looking for a Euro 5 vehicle to put on the derogation list will now struggle with vehicle availability, with many manufacturers starting to build Euro 6 chassis only from September onwards and very few Euro 5 build slots unallocated before then.

If you have any specific queries regarding the Euro 5/6 transition, please feel free to discuss with the Whale sales team.