Previously, for the testing of hazardous tankers which pre-dated ADR, the tank would be tested under a written scheme which had agreed with an accredited body. However, under the new UK Tank Testing procedure – which came into operation in June this year – the maximum period between test periods is now three years, in line with ADR testing. It also needs to be tested to a formal procedure that is approved by the VCA.

WhaleInspection have been fully accredited by UKAS, the accreditation body acting on behalf of the Department for Transport, to carry out UK Tank Testing under these new arrangements. Testing consists of a three year (intermediate) and a six year (periodic) inspection, with the intermediate stage tested to operating pressure and the six year test to Test pressure.

“This is a further step towards a testing regime in line with ADR requirements for pre-ADR tankers and operators need to be scheduling their equipment testing to meet this more stringent legislative framework”, said Andy Ellis.

Fully accredited by the VCA, WhaleInspection is one of the largest tank inspectors in the UK, testing in excess of 2,000 units each year.

Customers who want further information on the new regulations or wish to book a tanker in for testing should contact a member of our service team on 0121 704 5710 or email