The series of ‘Under Pressure’ guides will highlight the key areas of relevant legislation as they apply to buying and operating liquid waste tankers and what operators need to do to ensure they comply with all the relevant legislation.

“When buying any piece of new machinery, the purchaser has to comply with some key legislation to ensure that it is safe for use at work. For purchasers of pressurised tankers, there are further requirements to be met as well as on-going requirements to ensure that the equipment remains safe and is operated in a safe manner” said Whale Engineering Manager, Andy Ellis.

“This means getting to grips with a myriad of legislation that is currently in force and ensuring that compliance is achieved – something which, in practice, is very often easier said than done. As a leading manufacturer and supplier liquid waste tankers, Whale Tankers has extensive knowledge and experience in this key area. In addition, we are also an appointed Inspection body by the Department of Transport, as well as holding ‘Type C’ accreditation as an inspection body from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).”

Andy Ellis added, “Through our latest series of ‘Under Pressure’ guides, we hope to serve up the relevant information in a digestible format to help our customers navigate through, what can at times can seem, a rather bewildering legislative framework.”

To pre order your copies FREE OF CHARGE, please email your contact details to . We will then send the guides out to you directly when they are published.