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Product Focus - Nozzles & Jetting Hoses

Paul Sharpe gives the low down on the different types of jetting hoses and nozzles and other ancillary equipment.

Jetting Hoses

A jetting hose is typically made from thermoplastic or rubber and the choice of which material to have is usually purely down to customer preference. Thermoplastic is lightweight hard wearing and ideal for long runs while a rubber hose has greater flexibility and is more suitable for extreme temperatures.

All our hoses are serial number stamped for traceability and have appropriate certification, giving peace of mind to our customers.  Importantly,we do not recommend that hoses are re-ended under any circumstances unless a full pressure test is carried out and certification issued. This is because a badly fitted end on ajetting hose could result in a failure at the connection with the end coming off or splitting. This could result in high pressure water going in a random direction or the end coming off at high speed, and this could be very dangerous and even result in injury.

Leader Hoses

These are usually three, five or ten metres in length and of the same specification hose as on your reel but in a different colour. This gives the user a visual warning of the position of the end of the hose (nozzle) when retracting from the sewer.It is also important to remember the jetting nozzle needs to be powered down properly so that it will not lash around when removed from the sewer.

Tiger Tails

A Tiger Tail is used to protect the main jetting hose from excessive wear at the point where it enters the sewer. It is a hard plastic sleeve that is attached to the back of the vehicle with a rope and dropped down the drain. The jetting hose is then passed through and it then rests against the sharp corner of the sewer,thereby protecting the jetting hose from being rubbed against the sharp edge.


Nozzles are screwed to the end of the jetting hose and are used to clear blockages and obstructions from a sewer pipe. They come in a multitude of shapes and sizes depending on the job required and the flow and pressure of the water available. There is a large selection of nozzles on our website from Europe’s leading nozzle manufacturers.


This is an area of paramount importance that is often overlooked as the correct size needs calculating for each machine to generate maximum performance utilising all the power and flow. Consideration also needs to be given between stainless steel,ceramic and titanium inserts.For maximum performance ceramic and titanium generally offer better performance as they give a tighter more concentrated jet and also much longer life. For recycler vehicles Titanium offers the best long life option.

If you are unsure of your exact jetting and nozzle requirements or simply have any questions, contact our team and we’ll be pleased to help and advise either by email on or by phone on 0121704 5720.


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