Whale Tankers were established in 1969 and are now one of the largest manufacturers of liquid waste tankers and jetting equipment in Europe. Whale supplies its products to the UK and worldwide. Our aim is to continually improve the quality and value of our products, through design innovation to maximise durability, reliability, ease of maintenance, fitness for purpose and residual value.

Whale builds a range of comprehensive range of tankers to suit all of your vacuum tanker and jetting needs.

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Please find a list of our main products below:


Whale Tankers are launching their new range of lightweight combination tankers, specifically designed to take on the demanding city environment.

The CityWhale range is made from aluminium and is a high quality product built by Baroclean one of the premier and established specialist bodybuilders in France. The well proven European concept of these compact lightweight combination tankers is ideally suited to take on the UK’s urban areas such as City Centres, Car Parks and congested Town centres.

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All rounder, GULLYWhale is a firm favourite with municipal operators when it comes to gully cleaning and drain jetting. It takes in a range of multifunctional combination units that includes low volume (LVC), medium volume (MVC) and high volume (HVC) combination tankers. Additionally, there are both medium and high volume jetters and JETVacs, all of which deliver outstanding operating performance.

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A serious heavyweight that packs a punch when powerful jetting and vacuum performance is required for deep sewer cleaning and maintenance. With its impressive capacity, KILOWhale provides high power vacuum and air conveying loading and has the capability of lifting waste from depths beyond the constraints of vacuum loading. The KILOWhale has an equally impressive jetting system with a full range of flows and pressures.

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Many operators have built up a thirst for Whale’s tried and proven water tankers and bowsers. Manufactured to transport that most precious of commodities, drinking and clean water, the Whale product can be supplied on both rigid chassis and as frameless semi-trailer units. WaterWhales are approved by DWI under regulation 31(4) (a) of The Water Supply (Water Quality) regulations 2000 No 3184, and the Water Supply (water quality regulations 2001 (Wales) No 3911.

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More and more operators are becoming increasingly interested in the demountable Whale. Why? Because it is a proven solution for those looking to maximise fleet utilisation all year round. Whether deploying the use of third party technologies or those developed by Whale and its technical partners, operators have the ability to interchange demountable tankers with other body types. The demount solution is particularly popular with LVCs and MVCs. The range also includes vacuum tankers and street washers.

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The AquaWhale is a high power, multipurpose, flexible combination unit. Which gives waste operators a highly flexible machine with great environmental credentials, that offers an outstanding whole vehicle life proposition.
By featuring a Kaiser liquid ring pump in the front compartment, the unit requires far less pipework than a conventional machine, thereby increasing system performance and efficiency.

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For customers wanting diversity, then it doesn’t get any better than VacuumWhale. Purpose- designed, every VacuumWhale is different. Suitable for all types of rigid or semi-trailer chassis, tipping or nontipping, and frameless semi-trailers, they can be manufactured from stainless and carbon steel, supplied with or without jetting and capacities matched to GVW across the range. Customers are also assured that they are built to the highest relevant standards, including the requirements of ADR/hazardous and non-hazardous products.

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The king of recyclers, this highly specialised unit is a sewer cleaning solution with continuous dirty water recycling. Developed in technical partnership with Kaiser AG and now the acknowledged leader in water recycling equipment in the UK.

The KAISERWhale recycles the water it uses during jetting operations, thus maximising time spent working, whilst minimising time wasted taking on precious clean water supplies.

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A product category that is limited only by the imagination. Whale Tankers is working closely with clients in designing and developing bespoke vehicle concepts that meet very individual operating requirements.

Supported by one of the most advanced design engineering and manufacturing facilities of its kind in Europe, Whale Tankers has the capacity to provide legislatively compliant vehicle solutions tailored to customer requirements.

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Whale produce a comprehensive range of compact vehicles and jetting machines for jetting and washing tasks, available as vans or trailers units.

These are commonly used for the modern day problems of graffiti and gum removal, as well as other tasks requiring high pressure jetting and washing.

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