A product category that is limited only by the imagination. Whale Tankers is working closely with clients in designing and developing bespoke vehicle concepts that meet very individual operating requirements. Supported by one of the most advanced design engineering and manufacturing facilities of its kind in Europe, Whale Tankers has the capacity to provide legislatively compliant vehicle solutions tailored to customer requirements.

With one of the largest waste tanker manufacturing and design facilities in Europe, our experience in liquid handling enables Whale to produce vehicles outside of their standard range.

Misfuelling Vehicles

Every year approximately 120,000 UK motorists fill their tanks with the wrong type of fuel, with potentially catastrophic consequences.

Working with a major UK vehicle breakdown organisation Whale produced a fleet of vehicles to allow the fuel system of a misfuelled vehicle to rapidly be pumped out, reducing the amount of work that is required to get the vehicles back on the road.

Bespoke Vehicles

When you have very specific requirements in the field of liquid pumping, jetting or transport Whale can work with you on designing and manufacturing a vehicle to meet your precise requirements:

Diesel Refueller

Aircraft Washer

Agricultural Tankers

Agricultural TankerWhale can design manufacture an agricultural tanker to meet your specific requirements.