Product range and specifications

LVC – Low Volume Combination
MVC – Medium Volume Combination
MVJV – Medium Volume JETVac
HVC – High Volume Combination
HVJV – High Volume JETVac

Standard Features LVC MVC HVC MVJV HVJV
Anti-Vibration Boom Control    
Programmable Logic Controller
Heavy Duty Unloader Valve  
Automatic Interconnecting Valve    
Tank PRV – System PRV – (Type Approved)
Operator handbook plus vehicle certification pack
Quick Acting Gully Boom Valve    
Electronic Water Pressure Controller  
Jetting Soft Start  
Jetting Safe Start  
Hydrostatic Water Sensor
Pneumatic purge to jetting system for cold weather
Extended Tank and Paintshop Warranty
MyWhaleFleet Management Tool
Optional Upgrades LVC MVC HVC MVJV HVJV
WhaleCARE Preventative Maintenance Package
Whale Smart Control
High pressure Boom Jets with Replaceable Nozzle Inserts
Stainless steel internal tank liner
Overnight Water Fill – Front / Rear tank
Heated PPE Locker in Stainless Steel
Gully Boom Swivel Brake
Remote lubrication facility to Gully Boom
Chapter 8 Requirements
Rear Control Panel Cover
Hose Reel Meter with Digital Display
Sideshift Main Jetting Reel
Hydraulic powered Secondary Hosereel
Nozzle Storage Locker
Dedicated Storage for Tools etc
Pulsation facility to Jetting System (Timed Out)
Solid Sign Storage – 6 off 600mm high
Solid Sign Storage – 6 off 750mm high
Air Operated Grid Lifter fitted on Nearside
Air Operated Grid Lifter fitted at Rear
Hydraulically Operated Grid Lifter fitted on Nearside
PTO & Boom Valve Switch in Gully Boom Control
Additional Lighting and Warning Beacon etc
Data Card Reader or GPRS
Radio Remote Control – 8 Function System
Modular Galvanised Side tipping Debris box
Whale iWeigh system – SGS/HSS
Electronic Directional Arrow