Whales Populate Dtexhibition

The UK’s number one manufacturer of liquid waste disposal vehicles, Whale Tankers are populating this year’s dtexhibition with new tanker innovations. Also on display is a new range of ENZ Technik jetting nozzles, together with the latest Ibos drain and sewer inspection cameras that Whale is promoting in technical conjunction with Jetmasters Limited. A further species of Whale tanker will also be highly visible amongst the exhibits of pro-Whale customer, SP Holding of Telford, Shropshire.

In the ‘what’s new’ stakes are two Whale tankers that now come equipped with an array of new features and product improvements – the GullyWhale plus and KiloWhale Plus. The former features an 1800-gallon capacity tank mounted on the 18 tonne MAN TG-M 4 x 2 day cab chassis, whereas the KiloWhale Plus features a 2600-gallon tank coupled with the DAF FAT CF75.310 6 x 4 26 tonne chassis. Both tankers boast an array of widely publicised new performance, health and safety related features and product improvements that form part of Whale’s upgraded or standard vehicle specifications. In addition to the standard upgrades there are numerous additional features offered as options.

Completing Whale’s tanker product line-up is one of the most technically advanced and durable pieces of equipment of its kind – the powerful Kaiser-Whale sewer cleaning Jet-Vac with continuous dirty water recycling. Exhibited as the 26-tonne derivative, the specialist Kaiser-Whale Jet-Vac tanker is mounted on the MAN 6 x4 TGS.26.440 rigid chassis complete with sleeper cab. Such is the demand for the Kaiser-Whale, that
immediately after the show it embarks on an extensive demonstration tour of contractors in the UK and Ireland. More compact but equally as powerful is the Whale 750 Tdh HotWash trailer with an ULW of 425kgs. With its easy tow capacity, the 750 – operating at 300 bar @ 98c and delivering 18 litres per minute from a 250 litre water container – is ideal for the removal of gum ∓ graffiti within ‘street clean’ programmes run by many local authorities. Other applications include grease removal, and cleaning of factory floors boats, aeroplanes, railway station platforms, block paving, construction plant. The unit can also be mounted into a 3.5t van, an option used by many local authorities. And last but not least is another high volume Jet-Vac tanker with overhead loading boom that is figuring prominently amongst the exhibits of SP Holding. With a nominal 1600 gallon capacity tank, this unit features Volvo’s 18-tonne, 240 bhp FES 4 x 2 rigid chassis.

Commenting on Whale Tankers’ product line-up at the dtexhibtion, Managing Director, Mark Warmington said: “A lot can change in a year, and our exhibits at the show demonstrate this perfectly. As many in our industry now know, we have been extremely active within the field of new product development over the last twelve months, and the exhibition gives us the ideal opportunity to bring more people up-to-speed with exactly what’s changed here at Whale. There are plenty of new things for people to see and, indeed, talk about.”

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