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Whale Tankers, Five Decades Of Engineering Innovation

The Whale range is well-respected and generates a sense of belonging, not just in the UK but also across the international markets. Whale is symbolic of outstanding quality, value and reliability, setting a benchmark others strive to emulate. Through continuous improvement, the company remains committed to producing a diverse product range, engineered to meet specific customer requirements.

Whale will also continue to embrace appropriate legislation by working hand-in-hand with the relevant authorities. Already respected industry-wide for its work within this field, Whale intends to remain proactively involved in the evolution of the legislative process.

Well placed to face the future with confidence, Whale Tankers will remain focused on developing its products, processes and people, through partnerships and investments, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of its industry.

Whale Tankers – a company that is in the prime of its life!

Ravenshaw – A Great Place To Call Home

Ravenshaw – originally the site of an old mill on the outskirts of Solihull and just nine miles to the south-east of the UK’s second largest city Birmingham – has been the home of Whale Tankers for all but the first of its five decades to date.

The site – set in more than 40 acres of lake land – is a stunning example of how an industrial concern can successfully operate alongside a natural environment, where a huge variety of wildlife and flora and fauna abounds.

The beautiful setting that visitors to the site see today has been developed over the decades thanks to careful planning and management of the seemingly competing demands of nature and industry.

Ravenshaw has been central to company’s history to date and continues to be one of the many things that make Whale Tankers unique.

World Class Manufacturing

Engineering 3D Vehicle Design

CNC Tank Rolling

In-House Fabrication

Computerised Paint Mixing

Today Whale has a truly modern manufacturing facility at Ravenshaw, with all the key processes carried out in-house, rather than sub-contracted out.

Every stage of the manufacturing process – from technical specification, preparation of the chassis, tank build, mounting of tanks, fitting of components, painting, finishing and quality control – all takes palace on site.

The ‘in-house’ product philosophy gives Whale the ability to control quality at every stage and to ensure that every product is engineered and built to deliver uptime and value throughout its working lifetime.

PLC Progamming During Rebuild

Spray Painting In Booth

Chassis And Tank Mounting

Component Part Assembly

Whale Quality

Whale Tankers care about quality across all aspects of its business.  Indeed it is a word that characterises the company.

Whale is an ISO9001 and ISO14001 registered company. The manufacturing of both Trailers and HGV’S has also been granted Conformity of Production by the VCA.

The Whale customer promise is one of ‘reliability, service and value for life.’ It takes a combination of significant resources and unique culture to deliver that promise – something that Whale Tankers has been delivering over the first five decades.