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Kilo Whale

High volume jet-vac vacuum tanker for deep sewer cleaning and maintenance

Feature List

  • High performance jetting pump for difficult cleaning applications
  • Large liquid ring vacuum pump for exceptionally powerful vacuum loading and for lifting liquid and dry waste from depths beyond 30 metres (vertical) and further (horizontal) by pneumatic conveyance
  • Compatible with the most popular 26 tonne and 32 tonne GVW


  • Air operated moving division in the tank to vary the ratio between clean water and sludge – this can add 50%to the tanker’sapparent total capacity
  • 1500cfm liquid ring pump
  • Pratissoli MK60 high pressure jetting pump (300lpm @ 150 bar)
  • Main hose reel – rubber hose in lieu of thermoplastic (120m pr 150m)
  • Mega reel to take 180m of 32mm rubber or thermoplastic hose
  • Set of route cutting nozzles including cages and blades
  • Radio remote control of pump engagement
  • 125mm full-bore boom arm with 300 degrees powered rotation, raise/lower and extension facility. Fitted with 100mm Bauer female coupling downpipe with permanent parking on near side, temporary on offside

A serious heavyweight that packs a punch when powerful jetting and vacuum performance is required for deep sewer cleaning and maintenance.

With its impressive capacity, KILOWhale provides high power vacuum and air conveying loading and has the capability of lifting waste from depths beyond the constraints of vacuum loading.

The KILOWhale has an equally impressive jetting system with a full range of flows and pressures.

Product Range

KiloWhale – The Serious Heavyweight

KiloWhale Features