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Sewer cleaning jet-vac with continuous water recycling

Feature List

  • Rotomax – A unique single self cleaning filter system with low and high pressure spray bars
  • Vacuum pump – Rotary vane vacuum exhauster / compressor
  • HP water pump – Specifically developed for dirty water recycling
  • Continuous Dirty Water Recycling
  • No Cyclone or Settling Tanks required
  • Load Sensing Hydraulics
  • No Unloader Valve required – Saves Fuel
  • More Operational Hours on-site per day
  • Better utilization of Fresh Water Resources

The KaiserWhale is recognised in the UK as the leading highly specialised sewer cleaning solution with continuous dirty water recycling. By effectively re-using dirty water for jetting, the KaiserWhale maximises time spent working, whilst minimising time wasted tapping into precious clean water supplies.

Designed and built to meet the specific needs of operators across the UK and Ireland, the KaiserWhale is an effective, powerful jetter and sewer cleaner.

Developed in exclusive technical partnership with Kaiser AG – the acknowledged European leader in water recycling equipment – the KaiserWhale offers significant operational benefits when it comes to specialist sewer cleaning operations.

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