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A Proven Pedigree

Central to the success of the partnership that exists between Whale Tankers and Kaiser AG is synergy, something third generation Markus Kaiser and managing director of the Kaiser AG operation today is keen to point out.

“Being likeminded businesses, Kaiser AG and Whale are innovators in technology and this lies at the heart of the success of the partnership, and has done so since day one. Not only do we share the same vision on recycling, the transfer of specialist technologies has resulted in the development and delivery of a dirty water recycling solution that has been tailored to meet the needs of the UK marketplace. If you add into the equation Whale’s reputation for its technical expertise and the support infrastructure that they have in place, the potential for the ongoing future development of the partnership is substantial.”

Markus Kaiser


This highly specialised unit is a sewer cleaning solution

Feature List

  • Powerful Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump mounted inside the tank – providing 2000m3/hr / 1178cfm and above
  • Serious deep lifting capability and efficient air flow through reduced pipework
  • Specifically designed to be a multi-purpose heavy-duty contractors vehicle
  • Continuous Dirty Water Recycling
  • Rotomax – A unique Single Self Cleaning Filter System
  • Filter Cleaning – Low & High Pressure Spray Bars
  • HP Water Pump – Specifically developed for Dirty Water Recycling
  • No Cyclone or Settling Tanks required
  • Load Sensing Hydraulics -No Unloader Valve required – Saves Fuel
  • More Operational Hours on-site per day
  • Better utilization of Fresh Water Resources
  • PLC & Can-Bus – Simplifies Operation and allows Diagnostics
  • Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps mounted inside the tank – gives increased efficiency – better cooling – low noise and protects from frost
  • Single or Double Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump arrangement
  • Tank designed for 1 Bar Pressure Discharge
  • Hydraulically Operated Flip Division Allows for Fresh Water Jetting Option
  • Bespoke Storage & Lighting Solutions
  • Comprehensive list of additional options

The KAISERWhale is recognised in the UK as the leading highly specialised sewer cleaning solution with continuous dirty water recycling. By effectively reusing dirty water for jetting, the KAISERWhale maximises time spent working, whilst minimising time wasted tapping into precious clean water supplies.

Developed in exclusive technical partnership with Kaiser AG – the acknowledged European leader in water recycling equipment – the KAISERWhale offers significant operational benefits when it comes to specialist sewer cleaning operations.

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