• Kaiser Eur-Mark Hercules
  • Kaiser Eur-Mark Hercules
  • Kaiser Eur-Mark Hercules
  • Kaiser Eur-Mark Hercules
  • Kaiser Eur-Mark Hercules
  • Kaiser Eur-Mark Hercules
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Kaiser Eur-Mark Hercules

Powerful And Reliable – Dry Suction

Feature List

Vacuum system

  • Positive displacement lobe pump or screw compressor
  • Suction capacity 7260 m3/h or 9690 m3/h
  • 8” suction boom
  • Noise and frost protection

Tank Structure

  • Tank in chrome steel
  • Tank capacity 9000 litres (26to) to 15,000 litres (32to)
  • Blower-ejector
  • Tipping system
  • Hydraulically assisted high-tipping mechanism


  • Control panel on right-hand side at rear of vehicle
  • Radio remote control

The highly efficient dry vacuum vehicle is available as standard with a powerful SIAV-8702 Roots compressor with a suction power of up to 9,690 m3/h. With a vacuum capacity of 90% and a pressure of up to 1 bar, the vehicle is equipped for all dry vacuuming and blowing operations. Exhaust filtration is effected through 72 filter bags with fully automatic cleaning of the filter elements.

Power is transferred directly without the use of any belt drives, which means that the system is very reliable and requires a minimum of maintenance.


The Hercules dry vacuum vehicle is designed for the heaviest and most demanding dry suction jobs, but it may also be effectively used for wet suction work. The flexible suction unit can be optimally adapted for each application, irrespective of whether the suction is from below or a workspace higher up. The filter chamber has an optimally designed base in combination with a large hydraulic discharge door to make emptying easy and efficient. With the help of a KEM blower-ejector, dry materials can be moved very efficiently, also upwards. All work functions can be performed by remote control.

An optional screw compressor is available which delivers an air flow of 7,260 m³/h and a constant 2 bar overpressure (3 bar absolute). In combination with the screw compressor, the Hercules becomes an outstanding material blower. The air flow in suction mode is also very high, which makes it a very effective suction machine as well.

As an option there is also a high-pressure water pump for smaller jetting or cleaning jobs.


Hercules can be equipped with a high-tip feature which is partly manufactured from lightweight materials for optimum payload. The subframe can also be supplied in aluminium as an option. Our unique system with dual front cylinders provides outstanding tipping stability.


The Hercules is equipped with a well-organized control panel and a full-function remote control. The IQAN display clearly shows the different parameters needed for smooth and safe operation. Several options are available for the storage of pipes and hoses.

Kaiser Eur-Mark – Hercules – Dry Suction

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