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Whale Tankers has supplied a further batch of 17 new custom-built fuel retrieval systems to the AA for use with its widely known Fuel Assist Service fleet.

Fitted into new Transit style vehicles, the AA’s Fuel Assist service operates more than sixty vehicles around the UK and is aimed at drivers who inadvertently fill up their tanks with the wrong type of fuel. With the ability to remove either petrol or diesel, pipe work cleaning can also be provided so that any permanent damage to the customer’s vehicle can be prevented.

The system and technology is a unique product that was developed in-house by Whale more than six years ago and has been used in approximately 80 vehicles. It is designed to safely recover the incorrect fuel from the tank of the car, van, truck or bus that has been misfuelled and then store it ready for disposal, thereby avoiding any contamination of the customer’s engine. The arrangement also includes additional safety features in the form of a vapour recovery system and diagnostic and reporting digital displays, operated by a programmable logic controller (PLC).

Chris Wiltshire, Fleet Engineer for the AA, said: “As the experts in fluid retrieval and pumping in motor vehicles, we have worked with Whale Tankers for several years now, having had their equipment installed in many of our existing Fuel Assist Service vehicles. Since the original design, we have worked closely with their team of engineers to further develop and improve the equipment to the very high level specification it is today.”

“The Whale team fully understands our requirements and the parameters of the task and the potential pitfalls, as well as working through the relevant legislative changes to keep us and our customers safe and compliant. They have a very supportive approach to their product development and this is reflected in their ongoing relationship with us.”

Steve Evans, Compact and Used Vehicle Sales Manager
 – for Whale Tankers, said: “Drivers of all kinds of vehicle will, unfortunately, sometimes make mistakes with their selection at the pump and this service provides an invaluable remedy for people who end up with the wrong fuel in their tank.”

“Fuel Assist is a well-known service within the AA’s offering and we are pleased that they have chosen to work with Whale again for the provision of the best equipment to meet their needs and those of their customers.”

The Fuel Assist Service is available to AA members or non-members and it is estimated that approximately 150,000 motorists each year fill up with the wrong fuel. It is important that, in the event of filling the tank with the wrong fuel, the vehicle’s ignition is not turned on, thereby avoiding fuel contamination by entering the engine and causing what can be catastrophic damage to the vehicle.

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