Demountable Tankers

For customers wanting diversity, a demount system offers another level of vehicle flexibility

More and more operators are becoming increasingly interested in the demountable Whale. Why? Because it is a proven solution for those looking to maximise fleet utilisation all year round.

Whether deploying the use of third-party technologies or those developed by Whale and its technical partners, operators have the ability to interchange demountable tankers with other body types.

The demount solution is particularly popular with LVCs and MVCs. The range also includes vacuum tankers and street washers.

LVC – Demount

Demount LVC

A demountable Whale LVC equipped with Econ’s QBC System

  • Tank capacity from 6800 litres (1500 gal.) to 12700 litres (2800 gal.)
  • Chassis GVW from 12 to 26 tonnes
  • 245-1000 cfm pump
  • Hydraulic doors and clamps
  • Jetting unit with 45 lpm@ 136 bar
  • Vacuum pump for simultaneous debris collection
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MVC – Demount

Demount MVC

A demoutable Whale MVC equipped with Econ’s Quick Change Body (QCB) system

  • Optimum weight distribution achieved through state of the art design methodology and advanced 3D CAD
  • Quick and easy demount through single hydraulic dry break coupling system
  • Fully compliant with all current legislation
  • Complete with new Whale ‘PLUS’ feature set
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Vacuum Tankers – Demount

Vacuum Demount

A demount system offers another level of vehicle flexibility

  • Bodies Range to suit Chassis 7.5 tonnes to 32 tonnes
  • Vacuum Circuit Range from Mistral 400 (245cfm) to Mistral 1000 Vacuum System giving an output performance of 245cfm Free Air
  • Other Performance Levels Available
  • Range up to Mistral 1000
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