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eWhale MVC – Electric Medium Volume Combination

Zero emissions, powerful and multifunctional sustainable and efficient gully cleaners and jetters.

Feature List

  • Zero emissions
  • Low noise operations
  • Ultra low maintenance
  • Long life batteries

The eWhale is the UK’s first fully electric MVC and the latest multifunctional gully cleaner and drain jetter designed by Whale Tankers to enable both local authorities and private sector contractors to operate in inner city, ultra low emission zones (ULEZ).

In addition to the eWhale’s main environmental attribute,zero emissions, it also delivers improved operating efficiencies. Featuring two banks of chassis mounted lithium battery packs that deliver power via a 9 phase process to a2kW electric drive motor, eWhale has the capacity to remain fully operational over a normal vehicle shift pattern.

The battery packs are proven to withstand more than 3,000 charges over an expected 10-year period of normal operation.The eWhale has been designed to require very low maintenance, whilst also featuring equally low running costs.The eWhale is also environmentally-friendly when it comes to noise pollution due to it being extremely quiet in operation,making it more suitable for inner city night-time environments than current diesel powered vehicles.

The new all-electric eWhale, which is capable of being mounted on a range of both low-entry and standard cab chassis, has an additional electric instrument control panel that details battery capacity, gear position, range prediction,regenerative power and system status information. The vehicle’s battery system is charged via a 63 Amp, 3 phase neutral and earth power supply, complete with RCD type A 30 mA protection, for which a 10m charging lead is supplied as standard.

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