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Drinking Water – Water Whales

Feature List

  • Approved under Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations
  • Choice of Rigid Chassis range of Drinking Water Tankers to suit your application
  • Range of Frameless Tandem or Tri-Axle Type Approved semi-trailer cylindrical tanker
  • Transport of cold potable water

Many operators have built up a thirst for Whale’s tried and proven water tankers and bowsers. Manufactured to transport that most precious of commodities, drinking and clean water, the Whale product can be supplied on both rigid chassis and as frameless semi-trailer units.

WaterWhales are approved by DWI under regulation 31(4) (a) of The Water Supply (Water Quality) regulations 2000 No 3184, and the Water Supply (water quality regulations 2001 (Wales) No 3911.

Tankers for the transport of waste water or drinking water.

Product Range