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Jetting Units

Jetting solutions that meet the customer requirement perfectly

Whale jetting vehicles, trailers and van packs provide a targeted solution to match the customers exacting requirements. Whether you need something lightweight and compact to clear a domestic drain and smaller diameter sewers or the heavyweight power a High Volume Jetter for larger diameter sewers, Whale has the solution.

High Volume Jetter

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The jetting performance taken to the next level in a machine for a wider range of duties.

Medium Volume Jetter

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Medium Volume Jetter designed to be a highly capable unit to clean drains and sewers.

Trailer Jetter

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Whale Tankers are Industry Partners with ROM and offer a new range of ROM 500 Jetting Trailer.

Van Packs

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Suitable for use with Larger Vans or Light Commercials etc. We are offering 2 levels of Jetting Pump Performance within this range.