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HP sewer jetting skid-mounted unit

Whale Economic

  • 180° reach – adjustable to practically in every working position
  • Working sideways onto vehicle (left and right)
  • Immediately ready for use without having to swivel first
  • Reaches far outside of vehicle’s door opening
  • Hinged hose reel guiding system and rotating control panel
  • Plus many more features

Whale Economic characteristics:

Lightweight and compact

The Economic is suitable for mounting in medium-sized commercial vehicles such as VW Transporter, MB Vito, Renault Trafic / Opel Vivaro, Toyota Hiace and Ford Transit. Even the most powerful configurations are compact enough for these vehicles. Thanks to the compact design and low empy weight you can take on plenty of water and yet you are left with more (storage) space.

Cost saving

Apart from the sharply priced skid-mounted unit you will save costs because the Economic fits into vehicles that require only a modest investment.

iROM operation

The iROM intelligence system is integrated by default on the Economic. iROM operation incl. day light display and water-resistant control panel (IP65), with function display (speed/working hour counter etc.) and automatic service-interval indicator.

The ease of use is optimal, because iROM gives the user information about the machine’s functioning. The status can be read on the display and you are even warned with a signal as soon as your unit needs service for instance.

Working easily and ergonomically

The unit combines proven techniques with a user-friendly simplicity. You will be surprised how easy it is to work with the Economic. Thanks to the integrated iROM operation and unique swivelling hydraulic high pressure hose reel, you and your employees work easier and more productive than ever.

Reliable construction

The solid construction and steady engine/pump combinations (Kubota engines and SPECK high pressure pumps) ensure you of a durable solution. Swivelling hydraulically driven high pressure reel (135° + 90°)

The Economic is equipped with the swivelling hydraulically driven high pressure reel by default, meaning that you will experience the optimal and ergonomical ease of use time and time again.

Product Range

Compact Range

Rom Compact 40 lpm @ 150 Bar


Rom Compact 50 lpm @ 150 Bar


Rom Compact 60 lpm @ 140 Bar


Compact PRO Range

Rom Compact PRO 60 lpm @ 160 Bar


Rom Compact PRO 60 lpm @ 200 Bar


EcoNomic Range

ROM EcoNomic 60 lpm @ 160 Bar


Rom EcoNomic 60 lpm @ 200 Bar


ROM EcoNomic 75 lpm @ 150 Bar


Rom EcoNomic 72 lpm @ 200 Bar


Eco Fit Range

ROM Eco Fit 75 lpm @ 150 Bar


Rom Eco Fit 100 lpm @ 200 Bar