BioWhale LaunchWhale Tankers has announced a new partnership with London based Organic Waste Logistics (OWL) to provide producers of unavoidable food waste with a new, cleaner, greener and less costly solution. This new approach makes use of Whale Tanker’s latest innovative product, the BioWhale, which was launched in February at Hotelympia, the UK’s largest hospitality show.

Whale developed the bespoke, patented, BioWhale vacuum storage unit to be used exclusively by OWL in providing a total food waste system. The Whale / OWL partnership expects the new system will set the standard for the management of food waste for hotels and restaurants, schools and universities, hospitals prisons and food producers. It requires no up-front investment by clients and deals with all aspects of food waste from its creation, through to removal and 100% recycling into green energy and organic fertiliser.

In addition to manufacturing and installing the BioWhales for OWL, Whale will provide aftermarket service and maintenance from its 14 UK service centres.

Mark Warmington, Managing Director for Whale Tankers, said:  “This is a particularly exciting project for us and we’re looking forward to working with OWL on developing this unique opportunity for the UK food service market.  Successfully working in partnership with other manufacturers and suppliers to deliver innovative solutions is something we’re used to at Whale and we’re confident this new arrangement will be no exception.

“Food waste disposal is vital to all types of food and catering establishments.  By enabling fewer waste collections, it is possible to reduce the amount of journeys and in turn, carbon footprint.  In addition, by making it simpler to recycle food waste, we are playing an important role in increasing the supply of renewable energy in the UK.”

Willie Heller, Managing Director for OWL, said:  “We are pleased to be working with Whale to provide a new and superior solution to the enormous challenge of dealing with unavoidable food waste in a more environmentally sensitive way and doing so at a lower cost than existing solutions. Whale is a world class manufacturer and the BioWhale is a state-of-the-art product. We are excited by what we, together with Whale, can do to move the food waste industry to the next level.”

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