Whale Forrest Oak Tree

Whale Tankers believe strongly in looking after the environment. Whether when building tankers or looking after the Ravenshaw site where we are located, we like to take care of our environment. Since 1969 more than 45,000 trees have been planted on site.

Our #Whaleforest now has over 36 different species of trees and many of these form the characteristic of the original Forest of Arden that covered the area in the middle ages.

Shakespeare’s play ‘As You Like It’ is set in the Forest of Arden.

We are big fans of the majestic English oak. Quercus Robur is commonly known as the English Oak or Pedunculate Oak and we have planted 7,635 in the ever growing Whale Forest.

Why do it?

Maybe it’s, “The oxygen a person needs in a year is made by just one tree” or “Oaks are home to more species than any other of our trees” or perhaps Bernard Shaw’s quote: “My oak tree for hundreds of years will live.”

Maybe all of these, but when all is said and done, we think they look great.