Whale and Coventry City CouncilA new drain and gully cleaning tanker from Whale has been supplied to Coventry City Council for the cleaning of highway drainage systems around the city.

Fitted with the latest environmental and health and safety equipment, the new tanker will enable easier cleaning of more than 30,000 road gullies across the streets of Coventry. The gullies, or drains, play an important part in ensuring roads remain free from flooding, particularly during periods of heavy rain.

Offering increased economical operation in terms of fuel consumption and in turn reduced bills, the vehicles are fitted with the latest Euro 6 engines which will also keep the amount of carbon emissions to a minimum.

Brian Martin, Fleet Manager for Coventry City Council, said: “We’ve had Whale tankers before and currently have two operating within our fleet.  We have always been impressed with their performance as they basically run forever and give us no problems.

“Having previously worked with the team at Whale, we not only have complete confidence in the product, but also have a good, trusted relationship with them.  The fact that Whale are just down the road from us is a major benefit in terms of any training and spare part requirements we may have to ensure maximum uptime with our vehicles.”

Mark Warmington, Managing Director for Whale Tankers, said: “We are delighted to be supplying Coventry City Council with this new drain and gully tanker.  Our customer base covers the length and breadth of the UK, but it is always nice to be working with those ‘on our doorstep’ like Coventry City Council.

“We’ve also recently supplied three new similar vehicles to Solilhull Council in our home town and it is good to know that our vehicles will be playing a major role in keeping our local drains and gullies clean and trouble free.”