KiloWhale Becomes The Norm

Whale are pleased to be displaying on their CV Show stand a Kilowhale JetVac that recently joined the large number of other Whale vehicles in the GE TIP Tanker Services waste tanker fleet. This is only one of a number of such vehicles ordered recently to cater for the increasing demand they are seeing for higher performance vehicles.

The 1000 cfm KiloWhale was once near the top of Whale’s product range. While still giving significant performance, it is now more often considered a mid-range vehicle in a company’s fleet containing vehicles like the 1825 cfm Whale Super-Combi Jetvac right up to the peak of a 4500 cfm MegaWhale. The increased airflow has also been matched by a similar increase in jetting performance.

Whale Managing Director, Mark Warmington stated “We are seeing an increasing requirement by customers for higher-performance vehicles, with demand coming both from operators and the major hire fleets.”

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