Whale Makes It Mark At The CV Show With The New KaiserWhale For Mantank

Whale Tankers will be featuring one of the most cutting edge Kaiserwhale dirty water recyclers at this year’s CV show.  Whale’s latest offering is designed specifically for the UK infrastructure and is proving to be one of the most cost-effective and reliable sewer cleaning machines available on the today’s market.

The big draw on the stand will be one of two Mantank Environmental Services vehicles which are currently in build, and are destined to work in some of the UK’s most arduous conditions.  To cope with those conditions, it’s build on a 26t GVW low-emission Euro 6 Mercedes chassis.  Installed within its own compartment, the lightweight KWP 3100i liquid ring vacuum pump, with an operating performance of 3000 m3/hour, partially submerged in its own supply of sealing water, being better equipped to deal with a range of temperatures and noise is also kept to a minimum. The overhead loading boom is a Whaleflexi 150, having 320 degree rotation and a 40 degree hydraulic lift.  The arm extension is a 1325 mm with the 6” hose extending to an achievable depth of up to 8m below ground level.  It can also be fitted with an auto-parking function.

Dave Royle, Managing Director of Mantank, said “We have considered all the options.  We believe the quality of build, service and reliability plus the high residual value of Whale products to be our best long-term option.  And we also feel Whale is the most recognised brand in the industry.”

The continuous dirty water recycling is by the 320 lpm@200 bar KDU 128 pump using a 180m 1” hose on the main reel.  The dual digital meter display shows clearly how much hose is deployed and how much remains on the reel.  The high and low pressure spray bar system keeps the rotamax filter clean and Whale Parts Direct ensure a ready supply of specialist nozzles fit for the job.

For safety and operational ease, the controls can be operated either through a live-time feedback radio control, which is fully remote, or on the body-mounted control panel.  PLC and can-bus technology simplifies the operation and allows external diagnostics.   The operator also benefits from the fully integrated storage and a hygiene package.

Mark Warmington, Managing Director of Whale Tankers, said “We are very pleased to continue to support Mantank; they are one of the most progressive environmental companies in the industry so it’s truly rewarding for Whale to know they view us as the leader in recycling units.”