Figuring prominently on Whale Tankers’ stand at PAWRS is the first Kaiser-Whale sewer cleaning Jet-Vac with continuous dirty water recycling to join the fleet of Enviroco HFS – formed only last month following Enviroco Limited’s acquisition of HFS Liquid Services (HFS) of North Walsham.

Maintaining what is a 100% Whale Tankers fleet at Enviroco HFS, Industrial Services Manager and former Managing Partner of HFS Liquid Services, Alister Wait, said the new Kaiser-Whale had been specified to ‘continue driving forward’ what was an already successful industrial cleaning services division.

“Given that we service a number of remote locations on land, not to mention the high level of offshore work that we undertake, the Kaiser-Whale represents a truly cost-effective solution as the water it recycles can be used for jetting. As you can imagine, this delivers significant operational, environmental and economic benefits,’ states Alistair.

“The acquisition of HFS Liquid Services heralds the start of an industrial cleaning services operation within Enviroco, and the specification of equipment of the magnitude of the Kaiser-Whale, which represents the best that money can buy, demonstrates the ambitious growth plans we have for the business,” he added.

Equipped with the powerful Volvo Globetrotter 32 tonne GVW 8 x 2 Rear steer chassis, the bespoke designed Kaiser-Whale – being exhibited in a striking red and green Enviroco HFS livery – will be deployed after the show to support a number of contracts that Enviroco HFS enjoys with many leading utility providers and their subsidiaries.

With its high capacity 13,000-litre debris/sludge and 2,800-litre clean water tank, the Kaiser-Whale is equipped with the powerful KWP High Performance Liquid ring pump as a means of delivering an effective vacuum and pressure capability. With an operating performance of 3100m3/h and 85% maximum vacuum, the liquid ring within the pump is Teflon coated to deliver extended service life of the pump unit. Equally important within the Kaiser-Whale’s specification is the KDU High Pressure Water pump assembly that has a flow rate up to 400 l/min with pressure up to 200 bar (2900 psi).

Also featured is a 150mm (6”) full bore and fully hydraulic suction loading boom with 300° rotation, not to mention the rear mounted Whale ‘Mega Reel’ that effectively handles a 180m, 1¼” heavy-duty high pressure primary jetting hose. A hydraulically operated secondary hose reel capable of taking a 100m x ½” hose itself is also incorporated. As standard, the Kaiser-Whale is equipped with Whale’s PLC with SmartWhale logic, and all valves are controlled pneumatically from a single point, thereby eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Developed by Whale Tankers in technical partnership with Kaiser AG – an acknowledged leader in water recycling equipment in Europe – the Kaiser-Whale recycles the water it uses during jetting operations, therefore maximising time spent working on site and thereby minimising time spent off it taking on supplies of fresh water. Introduced in 2005, there are already some 30 Kaiser-Whales in operation in the UK.

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