Amongst Whale Tankers’ vehicle exhibits at this year’s CV Show is a bespoke, 23-tonne combination tanker specifically designed for hydro-excavation operation ‘Down Under’ in Australia.

Built in accordance with Australian design rules and regulations, in particular relating to specific axle weight restrictions, the combination unit on display is one of 25 vehicles ordered for Whale Australasia. A joint branding project between Whale Tankers and its Australian agents, the full contingent of both hydro excavators and combination units will be shipped over the next twelve months. Leaving the UK built to full Australian type approval, this latest vehicle order follows the operating success of initial vehicles supplied by Whale Tankers in 2017.

As Whale Tankers’ Commercial Director, Chris Anderson comments: “We are understandably delighted to have secured what is a significant order for Whale Australasia, particularly as the vehicles in question are being designed and manufactured to meet a very unique set of compliance and regulatory requirements. What’s more, to get the chance to promote the combination unit at the CV show is an added bonus, as we are confident that it will attract a lot of attention, particularly from overseas visitors attending the three day event.”

Australasia is proving to be yet another export territory that is becoming increasingly receptive to the Whale Tankers product offering, and this is something we are looking to build upon across the continent in the future. It once again demonstrates the versatility and innovation of the products that we have the capability of delivering on what is now a truly global scale,” he added.

Equipped with a tri-axle Volvo FE chassis complete with sleeper cab, the twin tanks of the combination unit are manufactured from stainless steel. Providing a combined capacity of 10,500 litres, one has a 5,000-litre capacity for fresh water jetting, with waste/debris being deposited in a 5,500-litre tank.

The vacuum system for the Australia destined vehicles centres on Whale’s recently developed MOLEX 150mm (6”), full bore, hydraulic combi boom. As its name suggests, the combi boom features the primary jetting reel built into the vacuum system. It provides 300-degree rotation, is fully hydraulically-operated, and with has capacity to be raised and lowered, and extended in operation. Complying fully with ADR Australian design rules and pressure standards, this vehicle type is being supplied with radio remote control, and a PLC that features integrated telematics and diagnostics. Bespoke stainless steel storage is also featured.

In terms of its jetting capability, the bespoke combination unit features two high-pressure, triplex-jetting pumps. The proven ORCA 400 delivers 21 Ltr/min at 4,000psi, whilst the ORCA 500 – rated at 2000psi – can output an impressive 264 Ltr/min. The aforementioned 180m x 1” primary jetting hose reel features both a power out assist and digital hose reel counter. The secondary, 60m x ½” hydraulically-operated hose reel also has the capacity to be fed from both pumps.