Leading logistics company Tomato Plant has purchased the first CityWhale Micro, one of a new range of highly versatile vehicles from Whale Tankers offering both jetting and suction capability in a package ideal for urban operation.

The CityWhale range was launched at this year’s CV Show and Tomato Plant purchased the exhibition model from the Whale stand. Now liveried up in the company’s distinctive colours and design, Tomato Plant is using its new CityWhale Micro for underground car park applications, including those at London’s Heathrow Airport.

Keith Williams, founder and owner of Tomato Plant, said: “We wanted a small and versatile vehicle that could provide the reliability, performance and flexibility we needed for use in locations where space is restricted, such as underground car parks where there is often low height access. This new CityWhale Micro, which in this case is built on a 3.2 tonne GVW Euro 5 Ford Ranger chassis, meets our needs perfectly; we liked the look of it and had no hesitation in buying the vehicle off the stand and adding it to our fleet.”

Chris Anderson, Commercial Director for Whale Tankers, said: “Our new CityWhale Micro has been extremely well received at this summer’s round of trade fairs and exhibitions and we’ve pleased that Tomato Plant has taken delivery of the first model.

“With the added capability of four wheel drive, it can be operated in even the hardest to reach areas without the need for an HGV licence which further demonstrates CityWhale’s flexibility and we’re confident Tomato Plant will benefit from the many features the vehicle has to offer.

The CityWhale range has been designed and developed by Whale in conjunction with French partners Baroclean, and is based on a popular European concept of deploying a lightweight combination tanker in areas such as congested town and city centres and car parks. Built to an exacting specification to meet the demands of urban operation, it features aluminium tanks right across the model line-up.

Also available on a 3.5 tonne GVW Euro 5 Ford Ranger chassis, the high quality aluminium tank has a 1,200 litre capacity – divided into 400 litres for water and 800 litres for sludge. It features, as standard, a Jurop PN33 suction pump and a Pratissoli KT22 high pressure triplex piston pump, giving a water flow of 50 litres/min at 250 bar with a ½ inch steel braided jetting hose. The Tomato Plant vehicle has been specified at 320bar with a 43 litres/min flow and a 3/8 inch hose. Both pumps are hydraulically driven by the vehicle engine through an OMSI 210MKG transfer box.

An eight channel radio remote control unit, a hydraulically-driven 100m high pressure hose reel and integral lockable aluminium storage cabinets are included in the comprehensive specification, with the launch vehicle purchased by Tomato Plant also being fitted with an optional swivel hose and up-rated rear leaf spring suspension.

Available this autumn, the CityWhale Major (7.5t) will be based on the Mitsubishi Fuso chassis and will feature a 3,800 litre tank (800 litres water, 3,000 litre waste) with a jetting pump performance of 80 litres/min at 200bar.

Chris Anderson added: “The Flood and Water Management Act 2010 created the onus on clearing drain blockages in situ, rather than simply just jetting the blockage further down the drainage system. This highly flexible combination unit gives both suction and jetting capability, mounted on a popular chassis, which will allow operators to work in situations which might be inaccessible to larger machines.”
Established in 2010, Tomato Plant specialises in the hire and operation of a range of specialist vehicles and plant moving equipment from low loaders to lorry loaders with cranes to a range of tankers and 4X4 vehicles