Whale Tankers – the Solihull-based manufacturer of specialist vacuum tankers, jetters, recyclers and combination units – has launched a new range of high performance jetting nozzles.

Joining the company’s already comprehensive product offering are four new recycling wire rope and chain scrapers, together with two further recent product introductions, the Block Buster (for Beany Blocks) and Bulldog (for fat and fibrous roots). Representing the ultimate in jetting technology, the new products are being introduced by Whale Tankers in their capacity as main UK agents for Swiss manufacturer, Enz Technik
– a world leading producer of nozzles, cutters and accessories.

Commenting on this latest nozzle product launch, Parts Manager Paul Sharpe said: “We are continuing to see rapid growth in our jetting nozzles business, as more and more customers are beginning to realise that improved operating performance may be realised by specifying the correct nozzle for the job, whilst saving time and money in the process.” To support the increase in demand for jetting nozzles that Whale Tankers is currently experiencing, the company has not only expanded its product range, it has created a new display sowroom at its main Ravenshaw manufacturing site in the West Midlands.

The new, high performance ENZ golden jet® chain scrapers are ulti-functional and easy to handle and operate. Being equipped with link chains, several different pipe diameters can be cleaned using the same nozzle. Both effective at removing incrustations and concrete residues in newly installed sewage pipelines prior to inspection, the chain scrapers are also suitable for removing certain damaged inliners.

Equally effective in operation and already proving popular with Whale’s customers are the Enz Block Buster and Bulldog. Take Leeds City Council, who, having trialled the Block Buster, has since taken delivery of seven Bulldog nozzles. As the Council’s Principal Manager, Steve Wetherill commented: “Having experienced several years of continual problems with Beany Blocks, Whale Tankers worked with our Operational Services team to deliver a solution with the Block Buster. With its high power and deep penetrating performance, the Block Buster has proved effective at removing years of solid waste that normal jetting nozzles had proved ineffective at tackling. In fact, after only two runs of the Block Buster nozzle, our problem was resolved.”

In addition to simply supplying a range of jetting nozzles that cover all applications, Whale Tankers is renowned for the training provision it supplies both internally and to its customers. As Paul Sharpe adds: “In addition to some 70 members of our workforce being proficient when it comes to water jetting, we have the capability to organise training courses for our customers. These not only cover all aspects of health and safety surrounding what is a potentially dangerous operating procedure, they equip the operative with a thorough understanding of which nozzles should be used for specific tasks and how this can result in realising considerable savings in energy, time and water, whilst also lowering running costs.

Anyone seeking further information on Whale Tankers jetting nozzles should contact the company’s Parts Department on: 0121 704 5720 or email: parts@whale.co.uk.

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