With more and more customers electing to specify drain and sewer inspection cameras fitted as original OEM equipment, Whale Tankers, working in technical conjunction with leading industry specialists, Jetmasters Limited, is exhibiting the latest range of camera equipment within this field.

Proving particularly popular on Jetvans, where many customers now require dedicated compartments for cameras as a means of guaranteeing better security and protection from the elements, Whale Tankers and Jetmasters will be demonstrating the latest Ibos camera systems that are capable of providing excellent quality surveys of drains ranging from 100m to 1000mm in diameter.

Comments Whale Tankers managing director, Mark Warmington: “Given that this is a very specialist area of operation, we are delighted to be working in conjunction with Jetmaster as a means of giving our customers access to not only some of the best camera equipment there is, but benefit of being able to access the outstanding levels of technical knowledge and training that Jetmasters is able to provide. We feel sure that the camera systems that we have on display at the dtexhibition will be very well received. ”

Available for demonstration on the Whale Tankers stand will be both the Ibos Reve 250 and Reve 550 cameras. The former is a 60-metre push rod self-levelling colour camera with distance measurement that
is designed for smaller diameter drains. Supplied in a briefcase size control box with flat screen, the Reve 250 comes with qwerty keyboard, flash card or DVD. It also has a recording capability onto a hard drive.

The Reve 550 is a remotely operated self-propelled tractor unit with distance measurement, capable of surveying drains from 150mm to 1000mm diameter. It has a colour camera that provides 360deg coverage. With a manually adjustable gantry for exact centre positioning, an extra lighting head provides greater ilumination within larger diameter drains.

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