Whale Tankers – one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of liquid waste vacuum tankers and jetting equipment – enjoyed its ‘busiest and most successful’ CV Show in more than a decade, according to Managing Director, Mark Warmington. “And given the fact that 2019 marks Whale’s 50th anniversary made it even more special,” he added

Using the landmark milestone to celebrate 50 years of innovation, it was this theme that reverberated around the Whale stand and its exhibits. Indeed innovation has always been the lifeblood of Whale and will be more important than ever moving forwards. It is against this backdrop that the headlining engineering feat on display this year was eWhale, the UK’s first fully-electric MVC (medium volume combination tanker). Not only did the eWhale receive a high level of interest from forward thinking local authorities here in the UK, it drew the attention of many overseas visitors.

Whilst the main talking point was eWhale’s zero emission status, making it the ideal solution for those operating in inner city, ultra low emission zones (ULEZ), a number of local authorities were interested in the potential of the eWhale to help them reach 2022 CO2 emission targets. And with the multifunctional gully cleaner and drain jetter set to enter operation in the field immediately post-show, interest also emanated from its ability to operate for a full shift with a versatile re-charging time. “With the eWhale having the capacity to cover some 110km, clean in excess of 150 gullies and support four hours of jetting over a normal shift, this surprised a lot of visitors that expressed a keen interest in it,” injected Mark.

Attracting equal attention was Whale’s new combi boom that was showcased on a 23-tonne combination unit that forms part of an order for 25 vehicles for Whale Australasia, and which is built to full Australian type approval. As its name suggests, the combi boom sees the primary jetting reel built into the vacuum system for the first time.

Technological innovation also manifested itself on the 32-tonne KaiserWhale in the livery of Enviro-Clean. Together with the Australian-bound vehicle, the KaiserWhale now features an auto-parking facility on the boom.

Whale Tankers also enjoyed high levels of enquiries for both its parts and service operation, 2019 being the last year that current Parts Manager, Paul Sharpe, will remain at the helm, as he is due to retire in August after serving more than 40 years with the company. So on hand was Parts Deputy Manager, Richard Crowton, who has been shadowing Paul for more than a year in a process that is fondly referred to as being ‘like taking over from Sir Alex Ferguson’. Richard, who joined Whale five years ago, has already visited a number of export shows, whilst in the UK his focus will be on developing Whale’s Parts Direct website and improving the parts interface with customers.

As Richard comments: “This was my first CV Show and what an exciting one it was. The range of customers that visited the Whale stand over the three days more than exceeded all of our expectations and, at times, despite having some 14 personnel on the stand, we could have done with more, such was the level of interest in the parts and service programmes that Whale offers.”

Concluding Mark Warmington said: “We are extremely proud of our past and have a number of events in place to celebrate Whale’s 50 years on innovation throughout the year, however we are equally passionate about the future. Our focus will be on continuing to develop our products and infrastructure to support a sustainable environment. Indeed later this year we will be making some very significant announcements about a number of initiatives that will reinforce the progressive and forward thinking nature of the business and which will be instrumental in securing the future of Whale Tankers over the next 50 years.”