The first Whale Tanker to surface in the fleet of progressive domestic and commercial sewage company, Hydro-Cleansing Limited of Croydon, Surrey, was one of Whale’s headline exhibits at PAWRS – the Plant & Waste Recycling Show.

In addition to relishing the commissioning of the non-hazardous 32-tonne vacuum tanker unit post PAWRS, Hydro-Cleansing Limited – one of the south’s leading specialists in environmental waste solutions – also furnished Whale with an additional order for what is set to become the biggest and most advanced sewer cleaning Jet-Vac with continuous dirty water recycler ever produced by them.

And whilst Hydro-Cleansing has yet to see its first ever Whale tanker enter service, with another articulated vacuum Whale in build at present, Managing Director, Steve Hoad, is already looking forward to developing his company’s association with Whale in the future. As he commented: “We are extremely excited about the prospects of working with Whale in developing the recycler, as it will be a highly-sophisticated piece of capital equipment and one that is aligned to our policy of specifying only specialist tanker units. Before that, however, we are equally excited about adding the two Whale vacuum tankers to a fleet that will become 20-strong.”

Established only seven years ago, privately owned Hydro-Cleansing works with a number of leading utility and service providers across the South and East of the England and has quickly established a reputation for investing in the most effective and modern equipment available within the field of sewage cleaning and waste management.

Supporting this philosophy is the specification of the PAWRS paraded non-hazardous Whale vacuum tanker, equipped with DAF’s FD 85.410 8 x 4 chassis and featuring Hydro-Cleansing’s colourful and vibrant livery. With an overall capacity of 4,200 gallons – 4,000 dedicated to debris/sludge and 200 to clean water – high-performance vacuum power emanates from a Jurop PR 150 water-cooled exhauster. Additionally, the vacuum Whale – constructed out of carbon steel – features a low volume but high pressure jetting system delivering up to 10gpm at 2,000psi. The new vehicle will support one of Hydro-Cleansing’s specific contracts, the end customer working in partnership with Southern Water.

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