Whale Tankers are using the 2008 CV Show to highlight their KiloWhale, the industry-leading performance of their dirty water recycling vehicle Kaiser-Whale, expertise on industry legislation and the recent fruits of successful joint collaborations.

The exhibits on display at this years show demonstrate the continued development of Whale’s product range, in line with changing customer needs, including higher-range and versatile vehicles, all aimed at greater efficiency, environmentally friendliness and increased value for money for customers.

Vehicles on the Whale stand will be a KiloWhale ready to enter the GE TIP Tanker Services hire fleet which already includes a large number of Whale vehicles, and a Low Volume Combination (LVC) with the demountable Quick Change Body (QCB) system which is the result of the flourishing partnership between Whale and Econ announced last year.

Speaking on the eve of the show, Econ Sales Director Andrew Lupton said, “We are delighted with our 1st year of partnership with Whale. The reputation of both companies meant many customers were prepared to place their trust in us to build high quality equipment without the need for prototypes. We are sure everyone will agree such faith has been more than justified when inspecting the 1st builds, where attention to detail and quality of build are evident to all.”

Three Whale vehicles will also be seen on other stands at the show. On the MAN stand Clearflow will be exhibiting a Kaiser-Whale, Whale’s latest dirty water recycler, which is the first UK dirty water recycler to be PED/PER approved to 1 bar.

The Line-X stand will be displaying an AA Whale FuelA ssist vehicle and a Birmingham City Council 750 TDh Hotvan, one of a fleet of six. The AA vehicle is one of the many Whale vehicles from their Fuel Assist fleet, which have been very successful in helping motorists with misfuelling mishaps. Whale and the AA recently signed an exclusive partnership deal making Whale the sole equipment supplier of specialist pumping equipment to the AA in the UK.

Engineering Manager Andy Ellis, will be presenting a series of seminars reminding owners/operators and purchasers of their responsibilities under the current legislation for hazardous and non-hazardous vacuum/pressure tankers. Whale will also be launching at the show the first two of their essential Under Pressure guides to the legislation for operator/owners and purchasers of tankers.

This follows on the recent appointment of WhaleInspection, Whale’s autonomous tank testing division, as an Inspection Body and Appointed Person by The Department for Transport (DfT) for old and new tanks. This makes Whale the largest Inspection Body in the UK for Vacuum/Pressure tankers.

The show will also give people their first glimpse of a scale model of Whale’s first demonstrator, a 1000 gallon vacuum tanker based on a Ford D1311 chassis, commissioned to mark next years 40th anniversary of Whale’s entry into the tanker market.

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