Whale Tankers is using this week’s Tank-ex show to introduce the latest addition to its KaiserWhale family of continuous dirty water recyclers, the Urban Recycler. The vehicle has been designed and developed to provide a lightweight and cost effective solution for operators working in an urban environment and specifically with the prevention of ‘blow-backs’ in mind.

The problem of blow-backs can occur when working with smaller sewer lines, sized between 100mm and 225mm in diameter. The Urban Recycler utilises what Whale describes as less aggressive, ‘soft’ technology, to reduce this problem, while still enabling continuous recycling of dirty water, which minimises the amount of time required collecting clean water.

In addition to continuous water recycling, the Urban Recycler offers further key features and benefits for the user including the Rotomax self-cleaning, single filter system, with continuously flushing low pressure spray bar and additional high pressure spray bar, while no cyclone or settling tanks are required.

The Urban Recycler vehicle that will on show at Tank-ex has been specified by one of Whale’s established customers – BM Tankering. This exhibition vehicle is fitted to a Volvo FE 26 tonne GVW Euro 5 chassis and includes several other special features including the Mistral 9 Series vacuum and pressure system, which is a continuous rated vacuum pump.

With a pay load in excess of 9,000 kg, the vehicle also includes a KDU 148 jetting pump, which delivers 270 litres per minute with a pressure of up to 200 bar, primary and secondary jetting hose reels and a 150mm diameter suction loading boom with full hydraulic operation.

Other bespoke features include stainless steel storage cabinets to house a range of equipment such as CCTV, PPE, plus barriers and cones as well as an electrically heated hand washing unit, 7” flat screen reversing camera and monitor, LED work lights and an advanced smart control and diagnostics system.

Mark Edwards, Managing Director for BM Tankering, said: “This is a truly unique recycling unit, developed for the operational needs of the contractor.”

Chris Anderson, Commercial Director for Whale Tankers, added: “This latest addition to the KaiserWhale family of products has been developed for customers working with small sewers and drains where ‘blow back’ prevention is critically important and this therefore means it is particularly suitable for utilities use in urban situations.

“This vehicle built for BM Tankering demonstrates how our engineers work closely with our customers to design and develop a vehicle that will meet their needs perfectly and provide a solution to the varied challenges they face on a daily basis. We’re looking forward to showing the new Urban Recycler to customers at Tank-ex this week.

“The Urban Recycler joins the lighter duty City Cycler and the original heavy duty KaiserWhale and together they offer the most comprehensive range of continuous dirty water recyclers on the market today.”